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Here you will find great home made fudge recipes.

Fudge Recipes
Best Fudge Recipes

Fudge is a relatively recent addition to the world of chocolate delights. The modern fudge recipe was said to have been invented at Vassar College, a university for women in the United States, around 1886. The original fudge recipe, called Vassar Fudge, was sold at a fundraising bake sale and was a great success.

Since then there have been many variations on the original recipes and there are quite a few ways to make delicious fudge. We have collected here a number of the original fudge recipes from the late 1800s.

The recipes were clipped from a number of old cookbooks from the era, and you will notice that they do not use references to stove temperatures because in those days the chocolate was melted on a fire, and therefore it was not possible to regulate the temperature as with modern stoves. Still, with a little know how or experimentation it should be possible to adapt these fudge recipes to modern cooking methods while still retaining their old fashioned goodness.

One of the things that I like about these recipes is that they are relatively simple and use few ingredients.

These recipes were clipped from a number of old cookbooks

  • Cocoanut Fudge
    Just a little bit of sugar, cocoanut and a few other ingredients and you will have a great fudge. If you love cocoanut, this fudge recipe will be sure to please.

  • Raisin Fudge
    Some chocolate, raisins, and molasses, and voila!

  • Mary France's Fudge Recipe
    The basic ingredients are chocolate, vanilla, milk, and butter. Tastes great.

  • Pennsylvania Dutch Fudge
    This is an old fashioned fudge recipe originating in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

  • Fudge
    A slightly different fudge recipe that calls for walnuts or marshmallows. Very nice.

  • Best Fudge Recipes
    Here are some of the best fudge recipes.

Chocolate Beer
Chocolate Beer
and Other Weird Things Made from Chocolate

Weird Things Made From Chocolate

We all know that chocolate is one of the most versatile foods. This single ingredient can be used to make cakes, candy, but did you know that you can also make chocolate pizza, chocolate beer, and even clothes. And oh yes, you can apparently run you car with chocolate.

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