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Chocolate fountain

  Chocolate Fountains are devices for serving melted chocolate by cascading it like the water in a fountain. They are mainly ornamental and are often used as center pieces at weddings or, in smaller versions, at the dinner table. Guests will usually dip strawberries or marshmallows in the melted chocolate as they would in a fondue. For this reason, melted chocolate fountains are sometimes called "chocolate fondue fountains".

In a typical chocolate fountain, the chocolate is melted at the bottom of the fountain by means of a heater and then brought to the top of the fountain by a corkscrew auger, or similar device to raise the chocolate. Once it reaches the top of the fountain, the chocolate cascades down the sides. The mechanism that brings the chocolate to the top of the fountain is invisible because it is covered by the thick cascades falling chocolate falling which drips down the sides.

Care must be taken to use the right type of chocolate. The chocolate must have enough cocoa butter content that it will be liquid when melted but thick enough that it does not bubble or splatter. A good consistency will resemble molten lava. Care must also be taken to ensure that the chocolate does not get too hot. You should always buy the chocolate recommended by the manufacturer of the chocolate fountain for safety and to ensure that the chocolate runs smoothly.

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