The Chocolate Experience

This page is an experiment in linking to our link partners. Instead of simply cutting and pasting the same information from Link Market, which ends up being repeated on hundreds of other websites and therefore hurts your search engine rankings because of Google's penalties for duplicate content, I have adapted the website descriptions and incorporated them into a relevant text below. As new sites are added, new content and discussion will be added.


Chocolate enthusiasts and Chocolate Lovers will find The Chocolate Lover's Paradise a great place to indulge their passion for the finest gourmet chocolates, chocolate gifts, and wholesale chocolates from around the world.

In fact you can find Gourmet Desserts and Gift Baskets at These are just of some of the great sites that link to our chocolate recipe site, which adds new content weekly including this yummy recipe for chocolate brownies which comes from an old recipe book pubished by the Crisco company. In the old days, most food product companies used to publish cookbooks giving suggestions on how to use their products. In most cases you can substitute generic ingredients for the name brand products suggested in the recipe book.