Chocolate Delights

Chocolate Delights For the Chocoholic in All of Us


Chocolate Delights


We have assembled a collection of some of the tastiest, most delicious, chocolate delights

Here are some featured chocolate delight recipes:



One-quarter cake of Baker's chocolate, grated; one pint of boiling water, six eggs, one quart of milk, one-half cupful of white sugar, two teaspoonfuls of vanilla. Dissolve the chocolate in a very little milk, stir into the boiling water and boil three minutes. When nearly cold beat up with this the yolks of all the eggs and the whites of three. Stir this mixture into the milk, season and pour into shells of good paste. When the custard is "set"—but not more than half done—spread over it the whites whipped to a froth, with two tablespoonfuls of sugar. You may bake these custards without paste, in a pudding dish or cups set in boiling water. -- from the Whitehouse Cookbook published 1887

French Chocolate Layer Cake
x chcolate Ingredients:
1/4 lb. butter or fine nut butter. Four eggs, 1/2 lb. flour, 6 ozs. fine sugar, 1/2 teaspoonful baking powder, 1/2 teaspoonful essence vanilla, 4 ozs. grated chocolate, 2 ozs. icing sugar.


Butter 3 sandwich tins. Dissolve 1 oz. chocolate in pan, with 1 tablespoonful milk, over the fire. Beat butter and sugar to a cream. Beat up eggs very light, laying aside one white for icing, and add. Sift flour and baking powder, and mix in, then flavouring. Put a third in one tin, another in pan with chocolate, and put a few drops carmine in that left in bowl. Put these into the different tins and place at once in hot oven. They should be ready in 10 minutes. Put remaining chocolate with the icing sugar in pan with a tablespoonful water. Boil a minute with constant stirring. Turn out cakes on a towel. Put half of chocolate mixture on one, put another on the top, then the rest of chocolate, and, last, the third cake. Coat with the following -- from Reform Cookery Book (4th edition) published (1909)

x Ingredients:


1/4 pint cream, 2 bars of good chocolate. Grate the chocolate, whip the cream, adding a piece of vanilla 1/2 in. long; slit the latter and remove it when the cream is whipped firmly. Mix the chocolate with the cream and spread the mixture on thin slices of bread; make into sandwiches. If desired sweeter add a little sugar to the cream. -- from The Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book (1915)

x Walnut Cream Chocolates - chocolate delights Ingredients:
  • 2 ½ cups of granulated sugar,
  • ½ a cup of condensed milk,
  • ½ a cup of water,
  • 3 or 4 tablespoonfuls of thick caramel syrup,
  • A little water,
  • 1 teaspoonful of vanilla,
  • ½ a pound of Baker's "Dot" Chocolate.


Put the sugar, condensed milk and water over the fire to boil, stir gently but often, and let cook to the soft ball stage, or to 238°F. Pour on a damp marble and let stand undisturbed until cold; turn to a cream, then gather into a compact mass; cover with a bowl and let stand for thirty minutes; then knead the cream; put it into a double boiler; add the caramel syrup and the vanilla; stir constantly while the mixture becomes warm and thin; add a tablespoonful or two of water, if necessary, and drop the cream mixture into impressions made in cornstarch. Use two teaspoons to drop the cream. When the candy is cold, pick it from the starch. With a small brush remove the starch that sticks to the candy shapes. Coat each piece with "Dot" Chocolate. As each piece is coated and dropped onto the oil cloth, set half an English walnut meat upon the top.

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