Good Enough to Eat: Tasty Places Named Chocolate:

It turns out that chocolate is not only a very popular and delicious food, it is also a popular name for places and geographic formations. Here is a list of places named after chocolate which are a must see for any chocolate lover.

Chocolate Places
  1. The Chocolate Hills

    The Chocolate Hills are located in the Philippines and consist of nearly 2000 small grass covered mounds. During the dry season they turn a chocolate brown. These beautiful hills are a major tourist attraction and are being considered for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  2. Chocolate Bay

    This small bay named Chocolate Bay is located in Texas. It is connected to the larger West Bay and forms the entrance to the equally delicious sounding Chocolate Bayou. The area was first explored by Spanish explorers in 1690. The fishing is apparently very good there. One article I came across is titled Chocolate Bay: Coastal Fishing as Sweet as Its Name."

  3. Chocolate Butte

    This mountain peak in Nevada is named for its brown colored rock formation. It is not apparently a very impressive mountain. According to a website called Peakery, Chocolate Butte is 4,665 feet high and ranks as the 1737th tallest mountain in Nevada.

  4. Chocolate Drops

    Not to be confused with the cookie of the same name, these Chocolate Drops are a series of rock formations in Utah, popular with hikers. They are located in the Maze District of the Canyonlands National Park. Hiking the Chocolate Drops Trail will take you about 5 hours to reach the summit.

  5. Chocolate Drop Hill -- Chocolate Drop Hill is in Maryland

  6. Chocolate Glacier

    This glacier is located on the slopes of Glacier Peak, in the U.S. State of Washington. Chocolate Glacier was given its officially delicious name in 1963 by the Board on Geographic Names. The reason for the name is not known since the glacier is not chocolate colored and hikers report that it does not taste at all chocolaty. Unfortunately the glacier is retreating due to global warming.

  7. Chocolate Mountains, Iran

    Imagine an entire mountain range of chocolate! It would be a chocolate lover's paradise. These mountains in Iran are almost completely brown and look like a mad chocolatier had crafter an entire mountain range out of the stuff.

  8. Chocolate Mountains, California

    The United States has its own set of chocolate mountains. These are also the home of a military gunnery range. And according to some conspiracy theorists, the government uses their base as part of a take over of hidden gold reserves that they don't want to know about. So far no conspiracy theorists have hit on the true conspiracy, which is that the government is mining the mountains for their chocolate. Now you know.

  9. Nanaimo

    Nanaimo is a small city in British Columbia, Canada. It is not actually named after chocolate, but it belongs on this list because of its permanent association with a chocolate creation: Nanaimo Bars.


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