Weird Chocolate -- Ten Things You Never New You Could Make Out of Chocolate

Here you will find the top ten weirdest things you can make out of chocolate. From beer to fuel and even chocolate clothing, some seriously chocolate-addicted scientists and designers have come up some wacky ways to enjoy this wonder food.

Weird Chocolate
Chocolate Beer and Other Weird Things Made from Chocolate

Okay, we all know chocolate is great. And we know its versatile, after all you can make cookies, cakes, brownies, and even drink it hot. But chocolate beer?

We have collected the wackiest uses for chocolate and ranked them based on originality, craziness, and wow factor.

1. Chocolate Beer

We thought the only way to drink chocolate was as a hot chocolate beverage. But apparently quite a few breweries make specialty chocolate beer. For example, the Japanese brewery Sapporo put out a chocolate beer. I haven't ried it, but a picture of the can says that it is "Bitter". And a February 2002 article from the BBC online reported on a micro brewery that was planning to launch a chocolate beer aimed at women, probably because some marketing guy had the brainwave that since women love chocolate, why not use it as a hook to lure them into buying beer, a mainly male beverage? Samuel Adams also puts out a limited edition Chocolate Bock Beer for the holidays. Because the holidays and beer aren't fattening enough apparently. If this sounds tempting, there are some DIY recipes online.

2. Chocolate Clothing The purpose of the Chocolate Show is to highlight alternative uses for chocolate. And nothing says alternative better than dressing an attractive runway model is pounds of melting chocolate. Here is a YouTube video of the New York chocolate fashion show.

The dresses had to be built on the models piece by piece by gluing "slabs" of chocolate on her bare skin. This does not sound as sexy as it should, when you think of the poor model sweating under pounds of warm chocolate. The dress assembly takes several hours.

3. Chocolate Covered Bacon

The inventor of this culinary breakthrough explains that the idea grew out of a conversation with friends about bacon and how it makes everything (from salads to burgers) taste better, and then someone wondered if there was another wonder food out there with the same alchemical properties. And the rest was history. Warning: consumption of this recipe is likely to result in clogged arteries, collapsed chairs, split pants. But it does sound tasty.

Here is a video showing how to make chocolate covered bacon. It's just as greasy and messy as it sounds.

4. Chocolate Covered Squid

No, slathering chocolate on a squid will not make the disgusting cephalopod taste any better or less rubbery. but that didnt stop a Japanese food company from trying this combination. The package proudly shows a slop of melted chocolate descending on the remains of a squid. You will need eyebleach if you look. I warned you.

5. Chocolate Mud Bath

Some spas are offering chocolate baths instead of the traditional mud baths.The sales pitch is that it will give you the endorphin benefits that come from eatinchocolate without any of the calories. Or you can eat one of their clients and get some protein too?

6. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

yet another monstrous hybrid born from a marketer's desire to marry the two most popular comfort food and make millions. Or it may all be part of an evil plot to destroy Western civilization by making us die from obesity related illnesses.

7. Bacon Study Aids

Apparently chocolate improve math skills. But if that's true, why do children in Asia, where chocolate is not as popular as in the West, consistently do better on math tests?

8. Chocolate Pizza

Apparently this calorie monster is quite popular with people sharing pictures of their chocolate pizza creations on the web, and even quite a few chocolate delivery companies that even ship the things in a pizza box.

9. Chocolate Toothpaste

Several companies market different brands of chocolate toothpaste. Japan, the country that brought you chocolate covered squid also sells Bitter Chocolate Toothpaste which is said to freshen the breath and fight cavities. There may be some truth to this as scientists are saying that chocolate does a better job of protecting teeth than flouride.

10. Clam Sundae

Fried clams slathered with hot fudge on ice scream. The horror.

Bonus: 11. Fuel for Your Car

Bacteria like chocolate too. And if you feed them the waste and left over chocolate fuel from the chocolate making process, the result is fuel you can run you car on. In fact these guys converted a retired racing car to run on chocolate and vegetable oil while two British men drove to Timbuktu in a chocolate powered car.

Chocolate Movies
Chocolate Movies

Chocolate Movies

Here is a list of the top Hollywood movies with chocolate in their title, or which feature chocolate as a main plot theme. Who knew there were so many?

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