Chocolate As a Health Food

Here you will find the top eight best excuses to eat more chocolate.

Chocolate - It's Good For You
Chocolate - It's Good For You

It seems that chocolate has a number of health benefits. And judging from the number of stories that appear on the internet announcing the discovery of yet another health promoting quality of chocolate, it seems that are a lot of scientists spending their research grants buying chocolate for "research" purposes.

Below is a list of the top ten health benefits of chocolate. Surprisingly weight loss is not among them. Also, because we live in a litigious society, please note that this article should not be interpreted as medical advice. Consult your physician before using chocolate for any health related purpose.

1. Chocolate Prevents Cancer and Dementia (maybe)

A research professor with the Harvard School of Medicine has announced that one of the compounds found in cocoa, the basic component of chocolate, may decrease your chances of developing cancer or dementia. His findings are based on studies of a South American tribe whose diet is high in cocoa.

2. Chocolate Makes You Smarter

A study has concluded that people's mental performance on various tests improved when they ate chocolate.

3. Chocolate Makes You Happy

Scientists say that chocolate may fight depression. So as you sit in your stained sweat pants, watching Oprah and scarfing down a pail full of chocolate flavoured ice cream, remember - this is therapy.

4. Chocolate is Not Addictive

Yet another study on the benefits of chocolate. This one concluded that chocolate is not addictive. I could stop eating it if I wanted to. Really, I'm sure I could.

5. Chocolate Is Good For Your Heart

Chocolate contains high levels of flavonoids which are good for your heart and may improve cardiovascular health.

6. Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure

Yet another chocolate eating study concludes that chocolate is good for you - this time chocolate is said to lower blood pressure.

7. Chocolate Prevents Cavities

Scientists have discovered that chocolate seems to prevent tooth decay. How? It may be that chocolate has antibacterial properties or simply that it coats the teeth preventing plaque from forming. Whatever the reason the old belief that chocolate causes tooth decay is apparently wrong.

8. It May Improve Your Love Life

Folklore suggests that chocolate may be an aphrodisiac. The ancient Aztecs, from whom the Spaniards first introduced the cocoa bean into Europe, certainly thought so. The Aztec ruler would drink massive quantities of cocoa before visiting his harem. Modern science confirms that chocolate contains some chemicals that may boost libido, but so far the evidence is anecdotal. Unfortunately, while eating chocolate may give you more stamina, survey after survey confirms that most women would prefer to eat chocolate than have sex. So maybe chocolate is more of a distraction.

Bacteria like chocolate too. And if you feed them the waste and left over chocolate fuel from the chocolate making process, the result is fuel you can run you car on. In fact these guys converted a retired racing car to run on chocolate and vegetable oil while two British men drove to Timbuktu in a chocolate powered car.

Chocolate Beer
Chocolate Beer
and Other Weird Things Made from Chocolate

Weird Things Made From Chocolate

We all know that chocolate is one of the most versatile foods. This single ingredient can be used to make cakes, candy, but did you know that you can also make chocolate pizza, chocolate beer, and even clothes. And oh yes, you can apparently run you car with chocolate.

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